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Notch Persson or Mojang

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Q: What is the name of minecraft's original creator?
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What is the creator of minecrafts phonenumber?

You cant call Notch.

Creator of Battlestar Galactica NAME IS?

Glen A. Larson is thee original creator

Who is the original creator for the Clubpenguin?

His name is BillyBob.

What is the original name of creator?

Notch Persson or Mojang

What is minecrafts site name?

The website is now listed under the related link section of this question.

What is Minecrafts purpus?

To mine.

Who was Frankenstein's creator in movies?

In the original movie Frankenstein, the creator was actually Frankenstein. It is his last name, hence the name "Dr. Frankenstein". The creature he creates is just called 'the monster' or 'Frankenstein's monster'.

Who is the creator or original developer of java?

"Sun" is the original creator of the Java platform, but they are now merged with "Oracle".

What is sky does minecrafts username?

SkythekidRS I believe

Who is the original creator of word Paint?

Amanda simpson, from dorset, is the original creator of paint. she has created and mastered all the levels that there are.

What is Smee's full name in Peter Pan?

According to the original creator's, Smee's full name was to be Bartholomew Quigley Smeethington. Hope this helps! ^_^

Who created yugioh?

Kazuki Takahashi is the original creator of Yu-Gi-Oh.