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Among other names, they can be called "consolation prizes" or "parting gifts." What these kinds of prizes are called varies by game show.

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Q: What is the name of a game show loser's prize?
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Where do you get your prize when you win daily dare on neopets?

Go to the Daily Dare page where it list the games. It should show a gift box next to the game you beat AAA/Abigail at. Click it, and it will show you your prize. From then on, it will show the picture of the prize by the game. The prize will appear in your inventory.

How do you catch the prize on Game Show Island?

you have to compleat all of the game shows

What is the biggest cash prize won on a TV game show?


What game show upped its prize from 516.32 to 712.05 when it went to prime time?

The Gong Show

Is there a game show that pays taxes on the prize?

As far as I know, there is no game show that does so. Contestants are responsible for paying taxes on prizes that they accept, and have the option to forfeit a prize if they would be unable to pay the taxes.

What TV Network is The Biggest Losers aired on?

The Biggest Loser is a reality television show which started in the United States. The show centers on overweight contestants attempting to lose the most weight and to fight for a cash prize. It is aired on NBC.

On the show The Phone do the losers really die?


What type of prize are game show contestants most excited about winning?

Money Car Vacation

Why were some of the possible outcomes of playing the Mayan ball game?

One possibility of the Mayan ball game is that the losers lost their heads. Carvings at Popol Vuh show the sacrifice of ball players.

In the dwi game show what is the prize the contestant leaves with?

a room full of memories!

What is the biggest prize won on Australian Million Dollar Wheel of Fortune?

This category is for the USA game show not an Australian Game Show which does not recieve enough questions to have it's own category

Do jeopardy losers get to keep the amounts they built up?

yes, but not really because it was a different show. It was a network show with Art Fleming as host and not the Popular Jeopardy series. Since this show started in 1984 Jeopardy losers did not keep there money. Some of the early shows prizes for questions were 10 through 50 dollars until it was cancelled in 1975. Even when brought back in 1978-9 the top prize was 125 see related link