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Q: What is the name for the dragon moshling on moshi monsters?
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What do you call the gingerbread man moshling from moshi monsters?

Her name is hansel add me roxxi23s

What is the name and type of the 001 moshling on Moshi Monsters?

It is unclear whether or not there actually is a moshling 001 as there is no spot for an 001 moshling in the Moshling Garden. However, Fuzzy the Furi is seen in the Moshi Magazine. Some think that Fuzzy is possibly part of a new set of Moshlings to come out in the future. Others think that Fuzzy was the very first moshling and is no longer a part of the Moshi Monsters game.

Is Doris the moshling a boy or girl on Moshi Monsters?

The description for Doris on Moshi Monsters does not say if Doris is male or female, so you can decide for yourself if you want your Doris moshling to be a boy or a girl. Doris is usually a girl's name, so many Moshi Monsters players choose to have Doris be a girl.

What is the name of the donut moshling on Moshi Monsters and how do you get it?

Oddie is a moshling on Moshi Monsters that has a ring shape similar to a donut.088 Oddie the Sweet Ringy Thingy [Foodies] Yellow Star Blossom, Black Star Blossom, Purple Star Blossom

What is the Moshi Monsters owner's name on Moshi Monsters?

mrmoshi (Michael Acton Smith) is the original creator of Moshi Monsters. Mind Candy is the name of the company which owns Moshi Monsters. OR The 'Owner Name' is the name of the owner of the Moshi Monsters monsters. When you sign up for a Moshi Monsters account, you choose an 'Owner Name' and that is the name you use to Sign In to Moshi Monsters.

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How do you get Tangily the moshling in Moshi Monsters?

Currently (June 2013) there is no moshling name Tangily on Moshi Monsters.

How do you change the moshling that's following ypu on moshi monsters?

You can not change the name or the color of moshlings on Moshi Monsters.

What is the name of the moshling hunter in moshi monsters?

His name is Buster the Moshling Collecter

How do you get oreally on Moshi Monsters 2012?

To get O'Really the Moshling on Moshi Monsters, you have to plant any star blossom, yellow dragon fruit, blue dragon fruit. Hope this helps, please add me, my name is rocko92 :)

What is name of secret moshling number 4 on Moshi Monsters?

Dustbin Beaver is the name of moshling 104 on Moshi Monsters. Dustbin Beaver was the fourth moshling to be released in the Secrets Set.

Can you name your moshling on moshi monsters?

no you can only name your monster

How do you get goroki on Moshi Monsters?

Unless it is the name of someone's Moshi Monster, there is no 'goroki' on Moshi Monsters, either a Moshling or an item.

What moshling do you get when you plant 2 love berries and 1 dragon fruit on moshi monsters?

i don't know but i think it gets you a moshling add me my name is furry devil

How do you grow moshling seesd?

how do you get Dustin bever on moshi monsters Check out my moshi NAME: browny0990

How do you name moshlings in Moshi Monsters?

You can not give names to the moshling on Moshi Monsters. However, sometimes Moshi Monsters will host a contest for designing new moshlings. Watch the Daily Growl for information about Moshi Monsters contests!

Is Clicky of Moshi Monsters a girl or a boy?

There is no moshling or character on Moshi Monsters named Clicky. If you are asking about a Moshi Monsters Owner name, you can find out by going to your Friend Tree and searching for them.

What is the fourth secret moshling called on Moshi Monsters?

His name is Dustbin Beaver