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Q: What is the name for a prop used in a coalmine?
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What do you call a prop used in a coalmine?


What do you call a prop used in a coalmine also a bar placed between the spokes of a wheel acting as a brake?


When was Coalmine Records created?

Coalmine Records was created in 2005.

What are the steps to starting a coalmine?

== ==

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Cane Top Hat Baton

What is the name of the stick that is used to keep the jeep hood open?

Hood prop

A coalmine and its building called?


What is a prop?

A prop is any object used by the actors on stage.

what is a worker in a coalmine called?

A coal miner or a miner.

Which is the district coalmine found in karnataka?

Type your answer here... bellary

What minstrel's used as a prop?


What is another name for a propeller?

"Prop" or "screw" are two other commonly used terms. Also may be called a "Wheel".