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The name entry glitch is a glitch that allows you to play as Master Hand in Melee (althrough the game can freeze depending on the mode you are in). The way it works is (with controller in port 3, because that is the one used when battling Master Hand) you have one name in your name list (so the cursor lines up the right way) and you select the empty name box (while simultaneously pressing and holding the B button) and then just as the game would pull you out for holding B, hit the A button. If done correctly, instead of going back or to the name select screen, you are taken to the stage select (or to the match, depending on the game mode). Since there is no character selected, the game puts you with the first character ID, which is Master Hand. Therefore, you get to play as him.

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Q: What is the name entry glitch on Super Smash Bros Melee?
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How do you get master hand on Super Smash Bros melee?

You can get him by the name entry glitch

Can you play as master hand on ssbb using a glitch like the name entry glitch from melee or another kind of glitch?


Can you use master hand in adventure mode in Super Smash Bros Melee?

no, actually to a glitch involving the name entry you can play master hand at anytime in super smash bros melee allthough there are some quirks. You must be player 3 to actually control him, you cannot move freely, his moves cannot be used unless they have some kind of target meaning a character even NPC's (no playable characters), lastly if you try playing him in adventure mode he will appear but if you try to move using his moves it will freeze the game but it is possible for him to be adventure mode.

How come with the name entry glitch you cant control master hand he just floats?

This is because it is a glitch, Master hand is not meant to be played

How can you play as master hand in melee?

go to melee put 3rd player on name entry and other players can be anyone then put 2 1 or 4 on back and 3 1 2 or 4 press a at the same time then pick a stage be careful one stage could freeze the game and mh cant move and cant win it will freeze

How do you get to be master hand and crazy hand in super smash bros melee?

To play as master hand you have to trigger going into name entry and going back to the previous screen at the same time it is very difficult on one player and he can only be controlled by p3 by pressing a d pad direction and A B L R or Z the easiest way is to go on two player special melee regular melee freezes the game after its over put one players cursor over back and ones over name entry and click A at the same time and anyone who doesn't have a character selected is master hand P.S. master hand has literally no aim on almost all levels the best levels for him are icicle glacier battlefield and final destination. Sadly you can't play as crazy hand normally unless you have a action replay and know your game version of maylee 1.1 1.2 Pal or 1.0 using the debug menu and the right code for your version. DuskFire: Actually, you CAN play as Crazy Hand, but it is a lot more difficult to execute this glitch than it is with Crazy Hand. go to the SSB wiki.

Can you get master hand on Super Smash Bros melee?

No, Master Hand is not available as a playable character in Smash Bros.actually it is:have 2 controllers in the game cube (or wii) and select melee mode (or special melee, then select which mode) have the controller that you want as master hand be in the P3 slot and don't pick a character.drag the hand to the name entry button but don't select it yet. have another person be any character and drag that hand to the back button.make sure that the P3 hand is on it's name entry button and the other hand is on the back button.hit A on both controllers at the EXACT same should end up at the stage selection screen.choose a stage (i suggest final destination)battle.master hand can't move and he attacks with the D-pad and not the control stick.i don't know all his controls.from the time you select a stage to the time you finish battling, the game might freeze.if it doesn't freeze at all, at the end battle screen (or no contest if you end the battle) Master Hand has no picture, and it says your Sheik.the only way you can lose a life as master hand is if you do stamina mode or adventure mode.he can't move, so he can't fall of the stage.

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