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well, i dont think they have a code for that, but here is a code for the pokemon modifier that lets you get ANY pokemon you want.

::[L+R] You get 493 Master Ball and 100 Ultra Balls and then Hold L for Encounter

:::Master Ball Equal to National Pokedex Number. Discard the quantity you desired to meet repsective PKMN. Hold L for Encounter. Level is Free Flow

Example- Lets say you want Mew, and the National Dex # is 151 so you trash 342 Masterballs. Then you should have 151 Masterballs. Then if you want you mew to be level 90, trash 10 Ultra Balls. If you want it to stay at 100, then keep it at 100 Ultra Balls.

After that, hold L while running in the grass. ( DONT LET GO OR ELSE THIS CHEAT WILL NOT WORK ) Then you should find a level 100 Mew.

94000130 FCFF0000

62111880 00000000

B2111880 00000000

00000D14 01ED0001

D2000000 00000000

94000130 FDFF0000

62111880 00000000

B2111880 00000000

DA000000 00000D16

C0000000 00000027

D7000000 00025A68

D2000000 00000000

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Q: What is the name and code to get starter Pokemon from prof elm?
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Where is prof rowan?

he is a prof. on Pokemon.with the starter Pokemon pipulp, turtwig, and chimchar.

Where can you catch a turtwig in Pokemon Platinum?

There is if you have the action replay. Use the wild Pokemon modifier code and there is an advanced Pokemon modifier code for Pokemon platinum. If you don't have the action replay then you can't. You have to choose him as starter from Prof. Rowan.

How do you get a starter Pokemon from prof oak in Pallet town on Pokemon heartgold?

To get a starter from him you have to beat red at mt silver.

How do you get the two starter Pokemon from prof elm in silver?


Where do you get the pokedex in Pokemon ruby?

You get the Pokedex after choosing your starter Pokemon in Prof. Birch's lab.

Where in Pokemon soul silver do you find chicorita?

Only as a starter Pokemon from Prof. Elm at the beginning of the game

How do you get a Pokemon from prof rowan in Pokemon soul silver version?

You don't. You can only get a Hoenn or Kanto starter for extras.

On Pokemon HeartGold where do you get a Kanto starter?

At Pallet town from prof. Oak after you defeat red

How do you get a Kanto starter Pokemon in Pokemon HeartGold?

after you beat red[in mt silver] , go to prof oak and he will give you a Pokemon

After getting every Pokemon what do you do?

Wait until you can get more Pokemon when the new games come out

What happens when you capture all of the Pokemon on Pokemon sapphire?

you can go back to prof. birchs lab and get yourself a johto starter

What do you do after you beat Blue in Pokemon HeartGold?

go to prof. elm and he'll give you a starter Pokemon from y/r/b