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Q: What is the mushroom shed in Harvest Moon DS for?
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How do you get shiitake mushrooms in Harvest Moon DS?

You can grow them if you have the mushroom shed, but you can get them in the feilds in autumn

What do you do with the Mushroom Shed on harvest moon ds?

You grow mushrooms in the mushroom shed. You can get shiitake spores from vesta and to get toadstool and matsutake you need to put that mushroom in the seed maker.

In harvest moon ds how do you get the mushrooms after they have grown?

if you have got them in the mushroom shed, you let them grow massive. then you can pick them and they will grow back. it starts over again.

How does the mushroom shed work in Harvest Moon DS?

you have to chop a piece of lumber then put it on 1 of the platforms then go to Vesta's to buy the seeds and continue as if any other crop.

On harvest moon DS Thomas asks for a Matsutake what is that?

It's the brown mushroom that you can get in the fall or by growing it in your mushroom house.

How do you get a maker shed in harvest moon ds cute?

You buy it from Gotz construction

In harvest moon ds game how do you make cheese?

you have to get the cheese maker and his shed

How do you get a maker shed on harvest moon ds?

it just randomly appears in gotz construction shop i got it after i had the bird shed and animal shed

In harvest moon ds how do you pick up mushrooms?

you walk up to a mushroom and click A when you are standing i front of it

Can you get Harvest Moon DS on Wii?

No. Harvest Moon DS is for the DS only. There are other Harvest Moon games for the Wii.

How do you get a matsutake on harvest moon ds?

It grows wild in Autumn. You can find it in any field. You can also grow it once you have the 'Mushroon Shed' and a Seed Maker. Just toss one or two into the seed maker, and go sow your seeds on the lumber in the Mushroom Shed.

Harvest moon ds cute what maker shed?