What is the most powerfull Pokemon?

Updated: 4/27/2022
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mew is the strongest ,he can stop attacks.mewtwo is stronger than arceus too but mew is stronger than mewtwo mew created mewtwo. arceus is not the strongest Pokemon even though he can turn into any type because mew and mewtwo can stop attacks.

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Q: What is the most powerfull Pokemon?
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What is the most powerfull Pokemon in the world?

the most powerfull Pokemon is Zaurauk the 5th genaration . No arceous is

Who is the most powerfull Pokemon ever?


Is poopdeck a Pokemon?

You bet! He is the most POWERFULL Pokemon there ever was! I know somone who has it too! His name is Kyle Conigilio so go hunt him down for it!-I donate this to my slap happy grandpappy!-So go get the most powerfull Pokemon in the world!

What Pokémon is the most powerfull on Pokémon Emerald?

The strongest Pokemon on Pokemon emerald would probley be raquaza

What is the strongest pokeball in Pokemon emerald?

a masterball cause it is the most powerfull pokeball with 100% catch rate to any pokemon

What is the strongest Pokemon in Pokemon white version?

Well, the most powerfull non-legendaries are Chandelure, Archeops, and Hydreigon. Hope I helped :)

What is the strongest pokemon on ruby?

The most powerfull Pokemon in Pokemon ruby i think is Groundon,SAphire Kyogre,Emerald RAyquasa??

What is the most powerfull water type pokemon?

Depends how you train it and what moves you give it. For example, in my game it is my Kingdra

What is the most powerfull fire type pokemon?

Mostly would be Moltres. But i perfer Flareon or Vulpix. Either will work.

What does a master ball do in Pokemon?

It's the most powerfull pokéball ever. You can catch EVERY wild pokémon with it without fail.

What are raikou's best 4 moves in Pokemon leafgreen?

raikou's most powerfull moves in Pokemon leaf green and fire red are hyper beam thunderbolt thunder rest

Is Egyptian army the most powerfull Arabian army?

Yes ifcourse they are the best soldiers in earth ,they are the most brave and powerfull men in all the world and that's written in the Quran and they are the most powerfull arabian army