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The Mingler, because it's Paradigm Shift does 24 damage to all toons, more then any other cog. It is also the only 7th row cog that can use Power Trip.

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Q: What is the most powerful cog in toontown?
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What is the most powerful cog in toontown but is not the boss?

Coprete raider

On toontown which cog holds the goldfish receipt?

any cog in toontown central

Do you have to become a member to become a cog in toontown?

No matter what you cant be a cog on toontown! Why would the makers of toontown do that?

Who invented the cog not on toontown?

Cog11 invented the cog

Where is cog building in toontown that you can get into if you are not a member?

in toontown central

Is their a new cog HQ in toontown?

There are only 4 Cog Headquarters in ToonTown. Sellbot, Bossbot, Cashbot, and Lawbot.

Which is the weakest cog on toontown?

A Flunky. This is a Bossbot Cog. Flunkys are the easiest because they are in your Toon-torial and Toontown wanted to show you an easy start with the weakest Cog.

How do you become a cog in toontown easy?

A. Hack.. B. Get a cog suit

How do you be a cog in toontown online?

You can not. It is impossible.

What is a 2.0 version cog in toontown?

A 2.0 version cog is a cog that when you destroy it, it will turn into a skelecog.

In toontown online do you have to be a member to invade a cog building?

No, you dont have to be a member to invade a cog building, but you can only invade cog buildings in TTC(ToonTown Central) which is quite rare. #

How do you make a cog?

It is impostable to make a cog unless you were part of making toontown