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This is a matter of opinion.

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The most popular moshling is Lady Goo Goo because she is the only moshling who can sing dance. You have to be a member to get Lady Goo Goo.

Dustbin Beaver is also popular since he is similar to a popular musician.

The one called Wurley.

One moshling is not more popular than the other... But some you see more than others.

Blingo is also popular.

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Q: What is the most popular moshling on moshi monsters?
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What is the most popular moshling in moshi monsters that cannot sing or dance or represents a superstar?

from what i have seen under people's profiles, i think that coolio, and iggy are the two most popular favorite moshlings on moshi monsters

What set will Zack Binspin be in when he is a moshling on Moshi Monsters?

When Zack Binspin is released as a moshling on Moshi Monsters, he will most likely be in the RoxStars set.

What is the most favorite moshling on moshi monsters?

This is a matter of opinion. Contributors have said: I.G.G.Y is one of the most popular Moshlings with Moshi Monsters users. Mr Moshi's favourite Moshling is McNulty, because she is based on his friend's dog in real life. It is: I.G.G.Y. Oddie all the way.

What is the most easy moshling from moshi monsters to draw?


Who is the most ultra rare moshling on moshi monsters?

Probably I.G.G.Y.

What is the most secret moshling on moshi monsters?

either tingaling or dustbin beaver

What is the most expensive Moshi Monsters item?

One of the secret moshling code boxes!

How do you get Cuddly Moshling codes on Moshi Monsters?

Most Cuddlies are not available in stores in Monstro City. To get secret codes for Cuddlies, you have to buy a Moshi Monsters Plush Toy. Note: codes may only work for a limited time.

What is the most popular foodie on moshi monsters?

the most popular foodie is oddie

What is the childrens most popular website?

Moshi Monsters

What is the popular moshi monster?

The most popular monster is Katsuma, add me on moshi monsters my name is sammilebeg

What made Michael Acton Smith think of all the names of the monsters and moshlings in moshi monsters?

Michael Acton Smith has lots of staff that help him think of all the names of all the characters and items on Moshi Monsters. There are lots of reasons why each particular name was chosen. Most of the moshling names relate to what the moshling looks like or what it does. The same goes for most of the Moshi Monster items.