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Q: What is the minecraft server address for dubcraft?
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What does server address in Minecraft?

The server address is the "IP" and you type it in the connecting to muiti servers box, and you join a minecraft server.

What is the server address for Minecraft 1.2.3?

Minecraft 1.2.3 is a game version, not a server.

What is the Minecraft server address for Minecraft Junkie?


What is a minecraft server address?

The ip to join a server.

What server address and server name?

A minecraft server adress is the location on the internet in which the Minecraft server is stored on. Minecraft server addresses are often a set of four numbers, such as If the owner of a large Minecraft server has a website, it is not uncommon for the address to be something like this: "".

What is server address for funland 3 minecraft?

Funland 3 is a map in minecraft, not a server.

What is the fridge minecraft server ip address?

what is the ip address for the fridge on minecraft

What is the server address for game chaps server on minecraft?


What is the server IP address for mineplex Minecraft server?

What is the hermitcraft server address on Minecraft?

What is a IP address for a Minecraft server?

What is the server address for The Hive on Minecraft?