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UNSC stands for "United Nations Space Command."
UNSC. United Nations Space Command

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Q: What is the meaning of the abbreviation 'UNSC' in Halo?
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What is unsc halo?

unsc is the milatary

Why in halo wars is he against the unsc?

i assume you are talking about the arbiter. the sangheili didnt team up with the unsc until 2552, and halo was was before that

What is a pelican in halo?

The main transport vehicle for the UNSC

What is reach of halo?

Reach was a UNSC colony, and the last defense for earth. In Halo: Reach, the Covenant finds Reach and attacks it. The planet gets destroyed, and not 2 minutes after the UNSC ship Pillar of Autumn discovers Halo.

What does unsc sand for in halo?

United Nations Space Command

What does UNSC in Halo Reach mean?

United Nations Special Command

What does UNSC in halo mean?

UNSC stands for United Nations Space Command, earth's organization in charge of all off-planet affairs.

Is their a pelican on halo wars?

Yes, in the UNSC side and can only be used as transport.

Does anyone know a Halo text based roleplay site?

unsc warfare

Is there a flyable unsc sparrowhawk in halo reach?

There is no Sparrowhawk in Reach but you can fly the Falcon.

What does UNSC mean in halo wars the game?

United Nations Space Command

How did halo start?

Halo started when The Covenant attacked UNSC battle ships. The UNSC had to flee because The covenant was to strong. The UNSC later discovered that The Covenant want to use an old weapon called The Ark which holds seven Halo rings destined to destroy humanity. The UNSC tries to stop The Covenants high holy leaders called The Prophets from doing this. The most worshipped and dangerous prophets were The Prophet of Mercy, The Prophet of Regret, and The Prophet of Truth. They continue to attempt to achieving this conflict as the UNSC struggles to stop them from destroying Earth and the entire human race.