What is the male version of chicka?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Q: What is the male version of chicka?
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Can you get male nidoran in blue version?

Yes, I caught one in the Heartgold version.

What is the cheat to get male Pokemon in Pokemon Emerald Version?

press start when in your home and press xyxyx

Where do you find Gallade in Pokemon Platinum?

Get a male Kirlia, NOT Gardevoire, and use a dawn stone on it. First off, make sure you have a male version of kirlia. Then use a dawn stone on kirlia. Kirlia should then evolve into Gallade.

WHAT Pokemon can you breed in emerald?

There are a number of Pokemon that can be bred in the Emerald version of the game. These include Mew and Pichu. The Pokemon must be in the same class and there must be a male and female to breed.

How can you get a male Miltank in Pokemon Emerald?

There is no way to get a male Miltank, unless through cheating devices like Action Replay. The male form of a Miltank would be a Tauros, so I've heard (cow/bull sort of thing.) The official guide for diamond and pearl that has the national pokedex lists both male and female Miltank. Therefore there must be someway to obtain one without a game hack. Like through a trade from Diamond/pearl to Emerald. I've personally had 12 Miltank all female hatch in the emerald version but I know that for some species it is common when breeding to get many females before you get a male. It is also especially difficult when not breeding with the same Pokemon because the results are unpredictable according to the Nintendo official player's guide for Pokemon emerald version on pg. 16. Hence my dilemma. from Satores