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Harbor mail

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Q: What is the mail you trade for a coincase in Pokemon ruby?
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How do you get a coincase Pokemon ruby?

go next to the game corner ond bring her mail from slateport city and she will give u a coincase

Where do you get the harbor mail for a coincase in ruby?

You can find an harbor mail in Slateport City Hope I Helped By Matthew Teves

How do you get coincase in Pokemon ruby?

in mauville city one of the first houses there is a girl inside who speaks of getting a certain type of mail you must give her that mail and she will give you a coin case (i cant remember which mail she wanted)

How do you trade from ruby to ruby?

You can trade from Pokemon Ruby to another Pokemon Ruby using a link cable.

Where do you trade a harbor mail in Pokemon ruby?

She is in mauville city in a house right next to the pokemart, give her harbor mail to get a coin case.

Where do you find sneasel on Pokemon Ruby?

trade from Ruby/Sapphir trade from Ruby/Sapphir trade from Ruby/Sapphir trade from Ruby/Sapphir

How do you get the Pokemon that ruby takes off you Pokemon?

Trade with Ruby.

Can you trade from Pokemon ruby wirelessly and can you trade FROM Ruby TO Fire Red that way?


Where do you trade Pokemon in ruby?

im not even sure if you CAN trade in Pokemon ruby but if im wrong erase my answer and improve it

What Pokemon that is not in ruby?

Bulbasaur is not in ruby you must TRADE him to get him

How do you get smoochum in Pokemon ruby?

There are none in Pokemon Ruby trade from FireRed or LeafGreen.

Trade between Pokemon Crystal and ruby?

you can not trade crystel with ruby because Pokemon cristel is a different generaion than Pokemon rudy