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You must goto gypsy iris and ask her as everybody has a diffrent incantation.

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Q: What is the magic spell to defeat the demon in demon slayer?
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What is the spell you cast for demon slayer quest?

no spells are needed, all that is necessary is to defeat the demon with silverlight and say the correct words.

What is the spell on runescape demon slayer?

It is different for everyone. You have to go and write it down.

How do you defeat master chard in magical starsign?

In order to defeat Master Chard in Magical Starsign you must a spell strike and light magic. Continue to do this and then perform a reflex guard for a slice kick.

What was the magic spell to beat the demon runescape?

All 4 Blast Spells, Air, Water, Earth, Fire in a certain order I think, best look up for a guide.

Can you become a demon in oblivion?

yes but you have to buy a spell from a spell trader

How do you cast a magic spell?

its impossible unless you are possessed by a demon WRONG. WRONG. WRONG. A million gallons of wrong. Magick is real, it works, and no daemonic possession is needed. You merely need to know one to use it.

How do you spell slayer?

Just like you did... S...L...A....Y....E.....R.

How much XP do you get off a level 82 lesser demon on runescape?

XP is not calculate when you kill a monster, but every time you hit it. You get XP for every damage point you inflict. In the case of magic spells, you also get a basic magic experience, just for using the spell. I am not sure about ranged.

How do you train mage on runescape?

By casting magic spells. Any magic spell will give you magic experience. Here are some options:Do combat, preferably against monsters that are weak against magic. These are usually the monsters that attack with melee.More specifically, you can do Slayer tasks (members only). This involves a lot of combat, but since it's best to adapt your combat style to the assigned slayer monster, you'll basically practice ALL combat skills, not just combat.Do the activity in the Mage Training Arena (members only). This gives you both magic experience, and money. However, you need an initial investment, to buy some runes.A popular method to train magic by casting the High Alchemy spell repeatedly. This should usually give you some money, especially for members, if you choose the correct items.

Is magic cards spell cards the same thing?

Spell cards and Magic cards are the same. The reason for the confusion is because Magic cards were changed to Spell cards during the release of Magician's Force.

What inuyasha episode kagome gets put under a spell and falls in love with a demon?

episode 129 a demon that steal women and makes them his wifes finds kagome and puts her used a spell

What spell gives people magic?

There is no spell to GIVE you magic because everyone can use it but there are people born in these world who are magic like people who just comand and do not have to cast spells but they can other people have to say rymhey words and there you just cast a spell but there is a spell to increase your magic skill but it is black magic that calls for witch blood so sorry i am not doing it