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They changed it.

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The administration panel can be found at dean.simulping(.com) However, this site is IP whitelisted for Roblox Only, so the site cuts the connection.

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Q: What is the link to the Roblox admin control panel?
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Roblox how to be super admin for village life?

You can be a super admin if you add admin in your roblox game

How do you get your control panel icon back?

Right click on Taskbar > Properties.Go to Start Menu tab and click on Customize. Find Control Panel in the list and check the option to Display as link.

How do you make a link on Roblox?

On Roblox, a "Link" usually refers to a URL. If someone asks for you to send them a link to something, they are asking for a URL. To get the URL of something go the the page you want to find the link to, and copy the text in the address bar of your browser. This is the "Link".

What is the link to Roblox all in 1 hack?

There are no working hacks for Roblox.

How do you use a stargate portal in Roblox?

In the description the creator should have a link or say the number or symbol code for you to type on the keypad of the panel. You press the symbol from inwards too outwards.

How do you send money to people on ROBLOX?

on my roblox, press the link, "share robux".

What is the site that has roblox toys?

On the home menu in roblox, there is a link on the left that says buy roblox stuff". click on it

Where is the send robux link on roblox?

There is no send robux link on roblox. You may, however make a donation t-shirt if you are BC.

Why would you have a problem opening an exe file with the AUTO RUN option in the control panel?

the link could be currupted

How do you reset the color calibration on an HP laptop?

start, control panel, appearance and personalisation and then display there should be a link.

How do you contact an admin on here?

You have a list of supervisors at the link below

Where can I find help on Roblox?

You can find help on Roblox by clicking the help link near the upper right corner of the screen on the Roblox website.