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lake verity.

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Q: What is the lake near twinleaf town in diamond?
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How do you get to Lake Verity in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl?

it's near twinleaf town get out from the town and now turn right after this head north and this is it lake verity

Where do you find the three legendary psycic Pokemon on Pokemon diamond?

the can get mesprit in lake verity,near twinleaf town , you can get azelf in lake valor which is in between pastoria and veilstone, you can get uxie in lake acuity near snowpoint city.

How do you get to wisdom lake in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl?

wisdom lake is where uxie livesAnswerwisdom lake is lake valor where uxie lives and the lake by twinleaf town Answerit is not by twinleaf town but on the route to or from Veilstone city. Its by Hotel Grand lake. hope this helped! :D

After you go to lake valor to see what happened where do you go?

You have to go to Lake Verity of whichever lake that was near twinleaf town

Where to go next after defeated Commander Saturn in Diamond?

You go to twinleaf lake verity which is east of the village

Were is twinleaf town in Pokemon leaf-green?

You cant find Twinleaf town in leaf green. Its is only in Sinnoh! (In pearl and diamond)

How do you find luxiou in Pokemon diamond?

I don't know but if you go in the grass near twinleaf town you can find a shinx which evolves into luxio and then luxaray

Where is your rivals house in diamond?

I think it is on the upper-left of Twinleaf Town.

Where is Truth Lake located on Pokemon diamond?

Lake Verity: By Twinleaf Town: Mesprit Lake Valor: By Pastoria City: Azelf Lake Acuity: By Snowpoint City: Uxie Lake Truth: Route 214: Stay to the right side: Giratina

Where do you find starly?

Near Twinleaf town on Route 201

What is Pokemon 79 on Pokemon Diamond?

Pokemon #79 in Diamond is Seaking. You can find it on routes 203, 204, 209, 212-North & 214, Twinleaf Town, Resort Area, Lake Verity, Lake Acuity, Lake Valor, and the Spring Path (Fish with super rod).

How do you get a dress in Pokemon contests in Pokemon Diamond?

go to ur house in twinleaf town