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clue: The repairman was single and his customers wanted to...

answer: FIX HIM UP (fluid, pinch, exotic, bemoan)

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Q: What is the jumble answer for Seattle times newspaper for November 15th 2014?
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What was Saturdays Seattle Times 10 24 09 newspaper jumble?

Daily Jumble 10/24/09: What mom used to call the boys home from dinner? Answer: Lung Distance (linen, catch, graven, stupid)

What is the Jumble answer for the Seattle Times Newspaper on March 27 2015?

Clue: The new wind farm was producing this type of energy.Answer: "ALL-TURN-ATIVE" (virus, annex, cattle, lavish)

Where can you purchase the Seattle Times?

The Seattle Times is the largest daily newspaper in the state of Washington serving the Seattle area. It is delivered in the mornings and one can subscribe for home deliveries for a reasonable price.

What is the Jumble answer in the Seattle Times on December 20 2017?

Daily Jumble 12/20/17:You can buy shares of IBM because the exchange has plenty...Answer: IN STOCKClue words: icing, skimp, invite, noodle

What is a website to spy on Seattle?

Considering the Seattle Times is the only daily newspaper left, you may want to subscribe to that site (see link below).

How long has the India Times Newspaper been around for?

The Times of India was founded in November 1838. It is a daily newspaper that is published in the English language. The Times of India is the most widely read English daily newspaper in India.

What is the answer to the Daily Jumble in the Tampa Bay Times November 29 2017?

Daily Jumble 11/29/17:When the farmer's baler malfunctioned, things...Answer: WENT HAYWIREClue words: thick, wound, warmly, behave

What newspaper or magazine did Julie amparano work for?

Julie Amparano worked for "The Seattle Times" as a police reporter.

What is the answer the Jumble puzzle in the Twin Falls Times newspaper 11 03 11?

Regardless of where they traveled, this was always the center of gravity.Answer: THE LETTER V, empty, river, tamper, placed

What is the answer to the jumble puzzle in the scranton times-tribune newspaper?

4/28/11 Clue: The garbage man was this while putting in so much overtime.Answer: WASTING AWAY, wheat, whiny, gossip, vacant.

Can you read Fiji times on 4th November 2010?

Yes, visit a local library and ask for their newspaper collection.

What has the author Sharon A Boswell written?

Sharon A. Boswell has written: 'Raise hell and sell newspapers' -- subject(s): Biography, Newspaper editors, Seattle Times