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It is on the stove-


Green Grapes


Enjoy! :)

For other recipes go to

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Q: What is the ingredients to the Webkinz recipes spinerrita?
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What recepies are there for Webkinz?

There are webkinz recipes. To find the recipes type in:webkinz world news,on google. There you will find clothing machine recipes, stove recipes, blender recipes,ect.

What is the website that has Webkinz recipes and other Webkinz things?

Have any webkinz recipes for clothes?

Go to, click Webkinz Tools, then go to the clothing machine recipes page. There you will find a bunch of recipes.

Do you have webkinz new recipes?

go to it has a lot of recipes

Secret recipes on Webkinz?

First of all there is a site, see related link. It is amazing! You can learn the future webkinz and recipes for anything! :) Go to the related link and go to the top of the page and roll your mouse over "Webkinz tools" then find "Webkinz Recipes".

How do you make tusslepuff on Webkinz?

I don't know how to make that recipe, but if you want to make recipes they have a great collection at

What makes green gunk on Webkinz?

Well lets find out........ Any ingredients that aren't a recipe together make gunk.... There is no specific ingredients, just keep on trying wrong recipes then eventually you will get the color green.

What is the webkinz recipe for striped mellowmallow?

There are people working on different combinations and they list the combinations of food they tried on Webkinz Insider so far it hasn't been solved but they solved the Halloween recipes in a couple of days and on of the people on there even solved the recipe that had been unsolved for 2 years YummyTummy Tumbler They have a recipe section that you will show you for instance the recipes that have ginger ale or you can put in two ingredients and it will show if there is a solved recipe that uses those ingredients It's a really cool website I go there most of my webkinz information other than the webkinz newz

How do you get webkinz clothes recipes?

all you have to do is google webkinz clothing recipes and you will get some for glass slippers, togas, cowgirl outfit, all sorts of stuff.

How do you make the Webkinz recipes crystellmata?

you shove you computer up your but while playing webkinz then take it out and there you go

What are some famous Webkinz recipes?

There have been many Webkinz recipes written although none are really famous. Some of the more popular recipes include Banana Split, Mocha Polka, Shirley Templkinz and Slipnsip.

How do you make sweet creola on webkinz?

use orange soda, cream soda and sushi in a blender. for more recipes search webkinz recipes on google and click on