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Wiki isn't a cheat site

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Q: What is the infinite rare candy code?
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Rare candy code for Pokemon emerald vba?

This will give you infinite rare candies:BFF956FA2F9EC50DIT REALY DOES WORKS!

What is the infinite rare candy code for pokemon white in pc?

There's no items in the PC in UNOVA

Does anyone have a gameshark code for infinite rare candies in emerald.?

theres a code kinda like that in super cheats .com its a item buy modifier and you can buy rare candy

What is the Gameshark code to get infinite Rare Candy in Pokemon Gold and Silver?

gold 1457h6h78 crystal 3g75k90c120 silver 2ghi76hdf5d

Infinite rare candys?

It is a type of rare candy that gives you an unlimited supply of rare candies

What is the infinite rare candy cheat on Pokemon diamond?


How do you get infinite rare candies in platinum?

you have to use an action replay and use the rare candy hack

Is there a cheat code for infinite rare candies on Pokemon ruby?

361e3876????ba79 There is another way also. Write this code in the codebreaker advance : 82025bd0 0044. Then go to your pc. Withdraw items. There will be only limited amount rare candies but you may withdraw as much as you like. hey waht does ???? mean and is this for the gameshark There is also this code, 82025BCC 0044. But make sure that all items are out of the PC before taking them out. Otherwise they transform into rare candies. Also it will show RARE CANDY X 0. But don't worry. Withdraw 1 rare candy and it will show RARE CANDY X ?SOMETHING. Meaning infinite.

In Pokemon naranja what is the cheat code of infinite money?

82025BD0 0044 is the rare candy code. hoe this helped :)

What is a cheat to get infinite rare candy's in emerald?

you can use a gameshark or cloning cheats to get lots of rare candies

How do you get infinite rare candy's on Pokemon Diamond?

To get rare candy you can use action replay and that's all i know sorry. Hope this help Nicohan!!!

What is the cheat code for rare candy in Pokemon pearl?

Rare Candy X 999 (Action Replay Code)94000130 FCFF0000B21C4D2800000000B00000040000000000000DAC03E70032D200000000000000