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The regular head. if you want a cool face to go with it, get "Chill". its free

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Q: What is the head that fits all hats in roblox?
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Who is the only admin on roblox that can sell hats?

ROBLOX (admin account) is currectly the only account that sells hats, but all admins can make hats

Who made hats and faces on Roblox?

All hats and faces were designed by the guy himself.

What is the cheapest hat on roblox?

The cheapest hat on Roblox is the Roblox Visor.

How do you throw hats in roblox?

You press the "=+" button with add and equal signs then all your hats will come off.

Who is roblox on roblox?

ROBLOX is an avatar which all the admins use to upload hats, gear etc. It is not a real player and people often get this mixed up.

In roblox if you delete things from your stuff do you get your money back?

No you do not. That is why it is best to just keep all your hats.

How do you give hats to other people on roblox?

Easy. All you have to do is press "=" and your hat will fall off. Other ROBLOXians without hats can now take it.

Why won't ROBLOX accept friend requests?

ROBLOX is not really a user, he is an account used by all of the administrators to upload gear and hats. Because of this, ROBLOX recently stopped accepting friend requests. ROBLOX also deleted all of his friends to keep people from feeling left out.

What are the names of all the hats you can get in roblox winter games 2014?

Bronze,Silver,Gold medals and i think there are more.

Why do all of TI's hats not fit his head?

He thinks he is stylish. He isn't.

Can you make clothes on ROBLOX?

Yes you can make clothes on ROBLOX. Here are the different types of clothes you can make : • T-Shirts • Pants • Shirts That is really all you can make. You have to be an Administrator on ROBLOX to make these things : • Heads • Faces • Gear • Hats • Packages

What is buri hats?

buri hats are hats made of buri tree that are known to be make at provinces,they were also used now for fashion and coverings on head ... thats all i know :D