What is the gold on Xbox?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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gold is actually for xbox live and that is e=where you can join parties to talk to friends play online with others and pretty much anything with multiplayer

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Q: What is the gold on Xbox?
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Can a Xbox 360 play Xbox live gold?

Xbox Live gold is a way of getting xbox xbox live on your xbox. With xbox you can buy games, download gamer picturess, all of that stuff. Xbox Live gold is not a game.

How can you you get multiplayer on minecraft Xbox 360?

The only way you can be in multiplayer you have to get xbox live account then you have to get xbox gold for it (-you have to buy it) after you get xbox live you can add your friends but they have to have xbox live and xbox gold to play with you.

Does Xbox gold membership do the same job as Xbox live and gold membership?

it is pretty much the same thing. Gold membership it a type of Xbox Live membership and has a charge.

Can you go on Xbox live with Xbox premium?

Xbox premium does not exist. You have Xbox silver or Xbox gold. The gold allows you to go online. Silver allows you to view content on marketplace and thats about it.

Can you wire your xbox360 to your router and get gold for free?

In your Xbox 360 box, you might have a free trial for Xbox live gold. You dont just get Xbox live gold free just buy plugging your xbox in with a ethernet.

Can the Xbox 360 connect with the Xbox 1?

Can a xbox 360 connect with gold membership to the xbox 1

What is the difference between Xbox gold and Xbox gold family pack?

family pack gets you net flicks

What are the gold cards for on Xbox 360?

Gold cards also known as Xbox Live Gold Subscription cards are cards you can buy at a store that sells them to promote your account to a Xbox Live Gold Membership to access all kinds of different things.

Can you upgrade Xbox live silver to Xbox live gold?


Will xbox live gold go free?

Currently there is no information that says Xbox Live Gold will be for free, but that can change in the future.

Do you need Xbox gold to get on Xbox live?

On silver you can message and look at your friends profiles but you need gold to play online

What is needed for Xbox live?

An internet connection and xbox live gold account