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Unfortunately, using the /give command will only give you a pig spawner.

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Q: What is the give command for a zombie spawner in minecraft?
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What is the code to get an empty monster spawner in minecraft?

It is give (your name) 92.

What is the ID number for the pig spawner in minecraft?

You would want to change, Cow, to Chicken. Changing, Cow, to another entity would change what it spawns.** In minecraft mob spawners can only be obtained by using the /give, or /setblock command. To change a block to a mob spawner, this command would have to be used: /setblock minecraft:mob_spawner 0 replace {EntityId: Cow})Changing the x, y, and z values, changes where the block would be placed.

How do you become a zombie in minecraft?

get 40 dollars no more no less and give it to Mr. Smiy and he will turn you into a zombie

What it the item id for the command block on minecraft?

The only way to get a command block in Minecraft is to have cheats on in your world.Once you generated a world like that, type in the following command:/give [your Minecraft character's name] 137 [amount up to 64]That will give you a command block.

How do you get different monster spawners on Minecraft 1.3.1?

Mob spawners generate naturally in dungeons, strongholds and abandoned mine-shafts. Dungeon spawners can be either; Zombie, Skeleton or Spider. Stronghold spawners will spawn only silverfish and mineshaft spawners spawn only cave spiders. There are mods you can install to change what spawns in a spawner or to be able to pick a spawner up. You can also place spawners in creative mode, but they will only spawn pigs.

How do you make a horse spawner with mcedit in minecraft?

The last guy was wrong, you can make it (MAKE SURE YOUR MINECRAFT WORLD IS CLOSED) , if you spawn a horse in a 1.6 snapshot world, and then go to mcedit the red box that all mobs have will appear, select blocks around it and press filters, if you have the filter. Then press create spawners, press filter, then hit that save button, hope this helps :)

How do you craft a command block in minecraft?

You can't craft it, it can only be obtained through the /give command.

How do you mine a monster spawner Minecraft?

You can't pick up monster spawners in Minecraft. You can use a mod like too many items to give yourself monster spawners. To break them, the quickest way is a pickaxe

How do you make a command block in minecraft?

Command blocks currently can not be crafted. In creative mode the command /give YOURPLAYERNAME 137 1 will give you 1 command block (all you need in creative).

Where do you get command blocks in minecraft?

You cannot get command blocks from the creative inventory, however you can type in a command to receive one. Press "T" on your keyboard while in-game and then type /give (your username) command_block.

How do you summon Steve in Minecraft?

all you have to do is get a zombie, or skeleton, or zombie pigman, and then give them a steve head. also you could give them clothes to look nice. the clothes dont have to look like steve clothes.

How do you cure a zombie villager in minecraft?

you first need to get a golden apple and a splash potion of weakness. you then give them to the zombie villager and wait. it will eventually turn back into a testificate.