What is the game show Password?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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The game show "Password" was to guess a word by using one word clues. The game was hosted by Allen Ludden, and it started on CBS in the 60's. It replaced the popular soap Opera "Dark Shadows" on ABC. It finally came to NBC, where it was last seen in original first run episodes. The modern day version of, airing on CBS, is hosted by Regis Philbin and is called "Million Dollar Password".

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Q: What is the game show Password?
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What is the duration of Password game show?

The duration of Password - game show - is 1560.0 seconds.

When did Password - game show - end?

Password - game show - ended on 1975-06-27.

When was Password - game show - created?

Password - game show - was created on 1961-10-02.

What game show was Allen ludden in?

He was the host of the game show Password Plus.

The Password game the game show can you watch episodes?

go to youtube

Who created the game show Password?

Bob Stewart

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What is the number password on Game Show Island in poptropica?


Is there a million dollar winner on million dollar password game show?

Maybe not

What is the password on game show popteropica?

If you mean poptropica thats an online game you sign up for free and you would have to make your own account there in which case you choose your password. if you have forgotten it look for a forgot password link there or contact the support team. if all fails create another account. not sure what you mean about game show.

What award did Password win in 1974?

Emmy Award Password won the first-ever Daytime Emmy Award for Outstanding Game Show in 1974.

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What is the audition game password?