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i have been looking for it too i know it starts with IPKJ however i don't know the numbers

its not IPKJ this is the whole thing IPKE4DFFBF91 got this off action replay dsi so have fun

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Q: What is the game id for Pokemon Heart Gold?
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What is the game ID for Pokemon SoulSilver and heart gold?

Type your answer here... the game id for Pokemon soul silver is ipge-2d5118ca

What is Pokemon heart gold action replay game id?

Pokemon: HeartGold (USA) Game ID: IPKE-4DFFBF91

What is the game id on Pokemon heart gold Australia?


What is Pokemon heartgolds ID code?

This is Pokemon Heart Gold's id code: IPKE-4DFFBF91North American Pokemon HeartGold Game ID IPKE-4DFFBF91European Pokemon HeartGold Game IDIPKE-AD102382

What is the game id and hex version number on Pokemon SoulSilver?

its IPGE2D5118CA (soul silver) IPKE4DFFBF91 (heart gold)

Action Replay keep failing when Pokemon SoulSilver is inserted it works fine for any other game but not SoulSilver or Heart Gold does anyone know why?

you may have put in their game id in wrong hears the id for soul silver IPGE-2D5118CA hart gold IPKE-4DFFBF91

What Pokemon id number is 41644 in heart gold?

It's a TRAINER ID, not a Pokémon ID. Every time you start a new game, the game generates a random number between "00000" and "65535" (usually between "10000" and "58999") to be your Trainer ID. If your Pokémon has the same ID Number as you do, then you can change it's nickname. Find out more at:

Are there any codes for Pokemon HeartGold?

Of course there are because you can use action replay for Heart Gold and Soul Silver,go to youtube and find the cheats but first you would have to get the game ID from youtube.

What the game ar id for Pokemon pearl?

Pokemon Pearl's game ID is APAE-31D0AFDE.

What is Pokemon White's English game id?

Pokemon White's Englsih Game ID is IRAO-0F0875FE.

What is the game id for Pokemon diamond?

The Game ID is... ADAE-636791C0

What is pokemon heartgolds ID number?

if you have an action replay, when you put the game in it will say a number on the bottom left corner. write it down then type in Pokemon heart gold/soul silver. once you do that, enter the code you have written down, then enter your codes. hope you get it!