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Q: What is the funny word in Pokemon emerald?
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What funny words do i tell the baby in Pokemon emerald?

Go to the website:

What do you have to say to the girl in Pokemon Emerald?

To the Rustboro girl,you will need to say a big code.Search in google:"Pokemon Emerald Secret Word Generator"

Can you complete Pokemon Emerald in 1minute without Pokemon?

..If that's the case why do they put 'Pokemon Emerald'[with heavy emphasise on the word 'Pokemon']on the box in which contains the cartridge anyways? And no way can you finish Pokemon Emerald in 60 seconds. You can't even leave your hometown without a Pokemon.

Where do you get onix in Pokemon Emerald?

the word shop gives you a clue.

Where is the emerald in pkemon emerald?

its not an emerald its RAYQUAZA the main legendary Pokemon in Pokemon emerald.

Why there is no migrate from emerald word in diamond selection screen?

it may be because you don,t have Pokemon emerald in the GBA slot.

How do you get yanma in emerald?

You cannot get a Yanma in Pokemon Emerald, as only Hoenn Region Pokemon can be found in Pokemon Emerald.

What Pokemon can learn cut in emerald?

A zigzagoon can and they are easy to find in the first part of the game. Funny I just caught one. Hope this helps. =)

What word do you tell the baby in Pokemon emerald?

Try using google to find out.

What word that will make happy the girl in rustboro city in Pokemon Emerald version?

Go to google and type in Pokemon emerald secret word generator. Then you can customize your own wallpaper for the pc (it all depends on your trainer number)

How do you get Cinnah Pokemon in emerald?


Where is pal park in Pokemon emerald?

There is no PalPark in Pokemon Emerald.