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A random event generally consists of an NPC suddenly popping up next to a player and teleporting them away, refusing to return the player to his or her original location until they complete a simple task. Completing the task successfully results in a "random event gift", which lets the player choose from among several rewards (such as a few hundred coins, some coal, or an xp lamp for example).

An example of a random event is when Evil Bob the Cat teleports you to ScapeRune where everything is backwards. To leave, you must catch a cooked fish, uncook it over a fire, and then feed the raw fish to Bob at which point he will fall asleep and you may leave. You will then be teleported back to where you came from, and you will have received a random event gift.

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Q: What is the example of the random event?
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What does random event meen?

A random event is an event that can't be predicted and does not has a specific cause.

How do you get random events?

You can get a random event by doing anything on runescape,hence the name random event.

How do you know when you get a random event on runescape?

You don't, that's why its called a, "random event."

How do you get a random event?

If there was a way to cause something random it wouldn't be random

What does random event mean?

It means that there is something random about an event - something that cannot be foreseen. The random events in games such as RuneScape (where the "random events" are now discontinued) occur at a random time.

How do you get the frog random event in RuneScape?

The same way you would get any other random event.

On RuneScape how do you get the mime random event?

it is totally random now since there changes the random events in 2009 so now when i get a random event it can be any one

How do you recover an item from an random event?

You cannot retrieve Random Event items. Once you lose that item it is gone until you earn back the same item from the same Random Event, unlike Random Event items, Holiday items can be retrieved from Diango in Draynor Marketplace.

Can you repeat a random event Runescape?

you cannot get random events anymore.

What is the definition of a random event in Math?

Random events are events that do not have a determined outcome. The set of possible outcomes for a random event is always greater than one item.

How do you get to the fire faerie?

Random Event,

How do you get petpetpets?

Sometimes from a random event.