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The easiest way is between two spoons.

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Q: What is the easiest way to crush pills?
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Can you crush aldacatone?

Can you crush blood pressure pills

Is there any way to get high off xanax xr?

Crush the pills up to break the time release and swallow em with some water.

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Why can't you crush potassium pills?

i dont know thats why i asked

Can take crush pills and they work the same?

Certain pills can be crushed, however, most pills tat are long lasting or extended release will not function normally. Ask your doctor or pharmacist about individual pills

Can you stop taking your birth control pills after having menstrual period?

Yes. You can stop at any time, but that is usually the easiest and the way the causes the least irregular bleeding.

How many Tylenol pills do you crush up in the peroxide for a homemade pregnancy test?


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Can you crush immediate release tablets?

Yes, you can. Immediate release pills consist of just the active ingredient and any buffers, spread out evenly through the pill, so crushing makes no difference to the pills contents. You cannot crush pills labeled extended release, sustained release, or enteric coated pills because they are formulated in a specific manner and crushing ruins the slow release mechanism.