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A diamond tool has 1562 uses before it breaks.

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Q: What is the durability of diamond tools in minecraft?
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What tools do you use to cut diamond on minecraft?

To get diamond, you need a pickaxe of iron, gold or diamond.

Do diamond tools ever break in minecraft pe?

They can break but it takes a long time. It's durability a lot. The strongest is diamond iron stone gold then wood. But mods change things.

What does unbreaking do in mine craft?

The unbreaking enchantment in Minecraft makes tools that it is applied to last longer (in durability).

How good are iron swords in Minecraft?

They're the second best for durability (the best is diamond) but there only the third for attack strength.

What are all the uses of diamond in minecraft?

Diamond Armor, Diamond Tools, other stuff like Jukeboxes. The rarest material of all.. diamonds. You find some, you should be happy Diamond is the highest tier in UNMODDED minecraft. See DIAMOND.

What can you make with diamond in Minecraft?

Many valuable things. Diamond tools, the best and highest tier of tools which take hundreds and hundreds of hits to break, enchantment tables, diamond blocks for compact storage or decoration, and jukeboxes, which you may place music discs in to listen to them.

Is chain mail armor stronger than diamond armor in minecraft?

No, Diamond is the strongest, followed by Iron. Chain is next, offering only a tiny amount more protection than gold. In terms of durability, chain is the same as iron, but diamond again is the best.

Can you recharge pickaxes etc in minecraft?

You can place two damaged tools (of the exact same kind) into your crafting slots, to create a single one with slightly more durability than the two components had combined.

Is diamond the best material on minecraft?

Diamond is the best material for armour and weapons, and the best for tools in almost all cases (Iron and even Gold can mine certain blocks faster). Its only disadvantage is its rarity.

What do you do with with diamods on Minecraft?

you can make diamond armour, weapons and tools. you can also make diamon blocks and use them like you do with wood or dirt and any other block.

Can you find diamond blocks in the bonus chest on minecraft?

no the bonous chest will only spawn stone and wood tools, sticks, wood, wodden planks or apples.

How do you find diamond in minecraft PE?

Diamond is extremely rare on Minecraft PE. The best way to find it would be to build a staircase straight down and hope to find it.