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Nothing exept with sims 3 collectors edition you get collectors items.

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Q: What is the diffrence between Sims 3 and Sims 3 collectors editon?
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What is the difference between Sims 3 and Sims 3 collectors editon?

The packaging The sims 3 collectors edition comes with a special USB that contains the same info that you can get as a book also and the collectors edition USB is apparently hard to use when you are playing the sims 3. You also get a bonus car and extra sims points for the store. (last bit by williph).

How do you get money on the sims deluxe editon?

ctrl shift c and enter motherlode to get 50,000 and kaching to get 1,000

What is the Sims 3 collectors edition?

It's basically Sims 3 with more stuff to do.

How do you delete a sim on The Sims deluxe editon?

it depends which deluxe edition, you need to look in the game manual or you could just kill them.

How much will The Sims 3 cost?

well actually the regular sims 3 will cost aroudn $50 dollars. Teh collectors edition will be $70 dollars. However,I dont know the difference between them!

Sims deluxe editon is not installing on your computer?

Every sims game takes up a lot of memory and space, you may need to delete some things on you computer/laptop ex. Games, Pictures etc...

Is there a difference between sims 3 and sims collectors addition?

Sime 3 Collectors costs anywhere from 10-20 dollars more, but comes with a 10 dollar gift card for their website, a keychain with the plumbob (green diamond), a sports car download for the came, and some sort of book of hints.

How do you get the laganaphyllis simnovorii in Sims 3?

I think you have to download it from the original site, the collectors pack wich has some sims 1 and 2 items to sims 3... hope i helped

The sims and the sims liven it up collectors edition i need sirale code?

it is in the white bar at the top of the back of the little manual, if that helps

How much is Sims 3 in New Zealand and when is it coming out?

Sims 3 will be coming out on the 5th of june, and will cost $100 or if you get the collectors Pack it will cost $120!

When is Sims 3 due to be released?

The Sims 3 Collectors Edition is avalible on February 20th 2009 (PC only) The cost is 69.95 + 6.99 S&H

Is there a sims 3 demo online?

No Demos!! Buy it. Its 50 bucks unless you want the collectors edition which is 70 bucks.

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