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a cheat sort of effects the way you play (like invinsibility ecs) but a hint just sort of gives you a tip how to do a part

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Q: What is the difference between a hint and a cheat?
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What is the difference between cheat engine 5point5 and cheat engine 5point3?

nothing really

How do you get Michael Jackson in Pokemon?

it is a cheat code. i will give you a hint. no cheat code thing has it but the ACTION REPLAY 3DS.

Are there any cheat for Naruto Uzumaki chronicles 2?

No. But there are hint on how to get character.

Is there a way to cheat while playing sudoku?

You use the hint button.

What is the difference between a tip and a hint?

In this context, a tip is a bit of advance information concerning a future event, for example I got a tip that the boss wanted to see me. A hint is a clue to the solution of a problem, for example What color is the sky? Hint: it begins with b...

What is cheat sheet for measurement?

It is a reference guide with formula's and hint to work something out

What is the difference between Pokemon Ruby and Pokemon Ruby v1.1?

v1.1 is Cheat Enable One

What is a cheat for 'My Horse'?

Sadly i cannot tell you the complete cheat for 'My Horse,' but i will give you a hint. Smurfs; Crops=settings=time=crops done!

What is the difference between a hack and a cheat in the sims 2?

Hacks take out all the fun, cheats enhance it. =]

Does anyone know The difference between a cheat code and an unlockable?

Seriously. Because every website I've surfed to look for cheat codes has given me nothing but useless unlockables. Nobody seems to know the difference anymore.

What is the difference between a good mixer board and a OK mixer board?

Features, realiability and build quality. Pricetag is usually a good hint.

What is the difference between scowling and glaring?

Scowling involves a vocal hint at apparent signs of disdain while glaring is merely the visual demeanor of such loathing.