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n1, Pokemon diamond is older than platinum.

n2,there a bit differrent in gamplay.

n3,there legendaries are differrent...

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Q: What is the difference between Pokemon diamod and platinum?
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Where do you get Registeel in Pokemon Diamod?

you cant get registeele in Pokemon diamond

Where to get a eeve in Pokemon Pearl?

I don't know,but it might be the same question as "where to find a eeve in Pokemon diamod

Who is Cynthia on Pokemon diamod?

the sinnoh league champion. defeat her and become the champion.

How do you put Diamond Pokemon to Pokemon Ruby?

you can't, only ruby Pokemon can go to diamod. but diamond Pokemon can't go to ruby

Where can you get dusk balls in Pokemon sapphire?

Haha, they havn't been invented yet in that game. They were introduced in Pokemon Diamod/Pearl.

How do you get pokemon from platunim to black?

All pokemon from Diamod, Pearl, Platinum, HeartGold, or SoulSilver and be transferred through the Poke Transfer Lab on Route 15. They can't be brought over with items and they can't be transferred back, so make up your mind before you decide to bring over any pokemon.

How long does it take for a larvitar to hatch in Pokemon diamod?

It takes 10,496 steps for a Larvitar egg to hatch.

How do you get to regigigas on Pokemon diamod?

Regigigas is in the bottom of the temple in Snowpint City to get to battle you you need the three regis and a low level Pokemon because regigigas apears at level 1

In Pokemon diamod can you make an egg with a baby azulf?

unless u have an action replay device, it is NOT possible to hatch a baby azelf because legendary Pokemon can not breed, even with a ditto.

How do you find a light stone in Pokemon diamod?

you should try catching pikachu they usually hold them or use action replay cheat for all poke balls

What do you need to dig diamod in minecraft?

You need at least an iron pickaxe or better. Anything lower will not work.

All Pokemon in Pokemon Diamond?

this is not true until you get the national pokedex... wl actually you cannot catch all the Pokemon but you can download or "migrate" as Nintendo say it onto diamond just by pluging in either pkmn fire red, leaf green, emerald, Sapphire or ruby using pal park. you also sometimes have to trade with people on another ds console, probably if they had pearl it would be best coz if you want palkia it is not available on diamod and you have to get it from pearl. the best way to get giratina also is to trade him from platinum so you don't need to get national dex yet to unlock wayward passage and wayward cave. i am a real nerd at Pokemon lol :)