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minecraft classic gives you unlimited blocks without having to work for them, unlimited health, no night, no monsters, no animals and no crafting. while modern Minecraft does the opposite of those things. You also have to pay for the real game.

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Q: What is the difference between Minecraft classic and Minecraft?
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What is the difference between minecraft classic and alpha?

In classic you cant collect and craft things. There are no mobs other then other players. There is no day and night cycle. And it is not endless. Plus more.

Can you get a pig in Minecraft classic?

Yes, pigs are available/roaming in Minecraft classic.

How do you make a command om Minecraft Classic?

You can't have commands on minecraft classic but you can in multiplayer classic

Difference between Mercedes e class elegance and classic?

What is the difference between Mercedes Benz E class 'Elegance'and classic

How do you make a rail in Minecraft classic?

There are no rails and minecarts in Minecraft Classic.

What is Minecraft classic?

Minecraft Classic is an outdated but free version of Minecraft. you have no health. unlimited blocks. Alpha terrain.

Can you get torches on Minecraft classic?

Minecraft no longer supports the free Classic mode. However, no, torches were not avaliable in Classic.

Can you get diamonds in classic Minecraft?

No; diamonds were not yet implemented in Minecraft Classic. (v. 0.30)

What is the difference between The Hunger Games and The Hunger Games classic?

There is no difference. Actually, there is no such thing as "The Hunger Games Classic".

What is the difference between classic rocks and limestone?

classic rocks are not minerals. limestone is

How can you get on a server in Minecraft classic?

you need to download the server pack to go on a server in minecraft classic

How do you get Minecraft for free easy?

You can't get Minecraft for free (legally). You will have to pay, but to compensate or for fun, there's always Minecraft Classic available.