What is the color of ecru?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Ecru is a cream / off-white color.

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Q: What is the color of ecru?
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What is ecru quilt?

Ecru is a color, so if someone has an ecru quilt, it just means it is all ( or mostly ) one color. Ecru is off white in color.

Can you use the word ecru in a sentence?

The notebooks that the teachers gave the kids were an ecru color.

Color of unbleached linen?


Is there a 4 letter color starting with e?

The color is ecru.

Color with lettter e?

ecru is a grayish-yellow color.

What color begans with e?

ecru (a beige)

What is a neutral color that is similar to ecru?


What are the coordinates of the color Ecru?

194, 178, 128

Is acru a color?

NO, but ecru is a light greyish-yellowish brown

What color is grayish brown?

mousy pronounced moo-sey

What colour is ecru?

Answer:écru in French means a brownish White color

What four letter color ends with the letter 'u'?

Bleu. It is french for "Blue".