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Q: What is the code to the simpsons track on free rider 2?
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What is the downhill track code on free rider 2?


What is the coolest track code in free rider maps?

No one knows that.

What is a free rider 2 auto track?

It is a track on Free Rider that you don't control. Effectively the track plays itself. The first thing an auto track has a a boost at the start to keep it the same every time. Auto tracks are commonly shared on forums by using the "Save Track" in game option and copy + pasting the code.

Can you play free rider on a line rider track?

no not that i know of anyway.

Is yo ma yo ma a cheat for free rider 2?

No, it's more like a name of a track not a track or "cheat" fo free rider 2.

What is the code for Dizzy by JEZC24100 on free rider 2?


What is the Free rider 2 skate park code?

it is s

What are some of the Halloween track codes for free rider 2?

Track mill free rider 2 code?

Well the code if ur going to regester, you will need a valid email acount and type it in and it should say thank you a message should apper in ur inbox and yeah and after look at ur email and find the code

In free rider 2 how do you place a checkpoint in a track?

When you select your checkpoint, simply just click where you want to add it.

Free codes for free rider 2 Michael Jackson?

Contact Helmertz from FR2DB/Canvas Rider and if you want the code. You will have to go the forums to find out contact information. Although, I will highly doubt that he will simply give away the code to you.

Where can one play the online game Line Rider?

The game "Line Rider" is available for free, directly from the Line Rider website. The game itself consists of drawing a custom track on a two-dimensional space and watching an individual travel along the track, according to the game's internal physics engine.