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Pokemon Leaf Green Mastercode





Have All Pokeballs





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Q: What is the code to have all poke balls in Pokemon LeafGreen?
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Can you trade poke balls in Pokemon LeafGreen?

Yes just have a Pokemon hold the pokeball as an item then trade it.

Pokemon indigo is there a code to get all poke balls great balls ultra balls and Master balls for free?

you cant get free pokeball's

What are all the poke balls you can get in Pokemon LeafGreen?

Pokeballs, greatballs, ultraballs, masterballs, timerballs, repeatballs, nestballs, netballs, luxuryballs, and you can also have from ruby/sapphire/emerald premier balls and dive balls but the dive balls will not work in firered and leafgreen because you can't go underwater.

Where is a poke flute on Pokemon LeafGreen?

save mr.fuji from Pokemon tower top floor and get the poke flute

How do you get on the bike route in Pokemon LeafGreen?

get the Poke Flute !

What are poke greens?

ive only heard of Pokemon green and Pokemon leafgreen, never heard of poke greens!

How do you get poke flune in Pokemon LeafGreen?

You get the poke flute from mr fuji by talking to him after you rescue him in Pokemon tower in lavender town

How do you awake the snorlex in Pokemon LeafGreen?

try a poke flute

Where do you get the key for the gym in cinnabar in Pokemon LeafGreen?

Within the Cinnibar Mansion. You'll find Muk and Ditto here, so bring some Poke Balls, too.

How can you trade poke balls in leafgreen?

You give the pokeball to a weak Pokemon you don't want or a Pokemon you're willing to trade. Tell the other person to do the same. Then, just trade the Pokemon. You'll get the new pokeball on the other person's Pokemon.

How do you get more poke balls on Pokemon emerald?

You buy them in the Pokemon markets.

How obtain a new Pokemon?

Use poke balls