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Q: What is the code to get the mech quest skull crusher?
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What is a good mech on mech quest?

ultimate skull crusher

What is the promo code for skull crusher in mech quest?

I don't know that's what im trying to find out

Code for skullcrush armor mech quest?

how to get skull crush 1000

Where do you input the skullcrusher promo code?

go to mech quest go on your cararcter press art book (it is only available this month July) press skull crusher mecha then there you go!

What is the code for the skull crusher mecha in mech quest?

Finally a question I would know ok so here's the details. Go to and then you should be able to enter the code. :D

What is the code to get the code for sepulcher 1000 code on mech quest?


What is the mech quest art book code?

you had better buy it

Where do you enter the mech quest artbook code?

Goto AQ worlds or mech quest. Click on get yours now (for magazine) then a new page will come up. Scroll down and you will see get your armor now for aq worlds and mech quest, click on it and log in your guy and put in magazine code.

Mech quest code for the artbook?

You have to buy your own copy. :P

What is the code to get the AQWorld's Mecha Armor?

sorry no codes for it but if you have a mech quest account you can buy a mech quest artbook that has a secret code with a mecha armor and a sword and helm but you have to buy it for about 19.95 bucks but if not that sorry cant get it.

Mech quest art book promo code?

What is J6's mech in mech quest?

J6 mech is a Gunslinger