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face it, would somebody get a code that you can enter only 1 time and give too somebody else?

you will NEVER get the code unless you by the art book.

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Q: What is the code on the mechquest artbook?
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What is the MechQuest ArtBook code?

The code changes.

How do you get the skullcrusher1000 in mechquest?

You have to buy the mechquest artbook which is at Then there will be a code in the book.

How do you get skullcrusher mecha?

You have to buy the mechquest artbook and you get a promocode in it and so you can enter the code then you'll get the skullcrusher 1000

What is the mechquest art book code?

To get a code, you will have to buy the artbook. Every code is different.

How can you get a mechquest scullcrusher?

You need to buy the Artbook and discover the secret code.

How do you get the skullcrusher on mechquest?

You need a special promotional code found in a mechquest artbook, you need to buy it from some artix entertainment store.

How will you get skullcrusher in mq?

if you buy a mechquest artbook u get a skullcrusher

What code do you put in for skull crusher armor?

You must buy the mechquest artbook the code is unique (everyone is different) and it will be clipped in the book's back page

Where can you buy the mechquest artbook? Avaliable July 10 and noon

What is the code for the mechquest skullcrusher?

buy the art book every code is different and can be used once onlykeep typing random #s until u get it or buy the artbook

Where can you get skull crusher armor code?

First go to the homepage of mechquest. Down the right side of the homepage you will see some advertisement icons. Look at the one that says "our first artbook". You must purchase the artbook and it comes with the code for the armour and mecha. Hope this helped!

How do you get skullcrusher in mechquest?

you have to buy the mech artbook in the internet for about 19.99 us dollars i think and inside the book it comes with a code for the mech which you have to unlock on the website hope i helped