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For some werid reason everyone is a sneaky little jerk so i dont know but i have saerched every where. sorry.

It is a one time use only code. The only ways to get him was to preorder or buy him during the limeted time sale.

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Q: What is the code for unlocking the Juggernaut for Marvel Ultiamte Alliance 2?
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How do you unlock juggernaut in Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 for PS3?

there is a add on for it

What is the cheat code for the juggernaut on ps3?

Actually if you pre-order Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 only on Xbox 360 & Ps3 you get juggernaut's code so you can download on Xbox Marketplace or PlayStation Store but since it already came out you have to go to add-ons where you download instead on putting it's code for it that's the only solution or you can get Marvel Ultimate Alliance for the PC cause juggernaut is gonna be there you just have to go to

Will marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 have DLC for PlayStation 3?

So for just Juggernaut when you pre-order from Gamestop. Hopefully there will be some other characters.

How do you get juggernaut in Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2?

Go to the PlayStation Network Store and Go to Game Add-ons or something, look for Marvel Ultimate 2 and find Juggernaut and it's Free.

Will there be a sequel to Marvel Ultimate Alliance?

Yes there is marvel ultimate alliance 2

What is ultimate alliance?

The Ultimate Alliance is a Marvel game with a variety of Marvel superheros

Is galactus on marvel ultimate alliance 2?

no, only in marvel ultimate alliance 1

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On marvel ultimate alliance how do you play online?

You cant play online on marvel ultimate alliance.

Mods for marvel Ultimate Alliance where and how to get them?

Marvel mods

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 release date?

Is there a release date for marvel ultimate alliance 3

Who can't be killed in marvel?

Many, but to name a few... Wolverine, Juggernaut, and Madcap