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There is no code to get three black Snap Apples on Moshi Monsters. You have to buy the seeds at the Moshling Seed Cart on Main Street or Super Seeds (paid members) at the Port.

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Q: What is the code for three black snap apples on moshi monsters?
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What will three snap apples get you on moshi monsters?

mini ben if you have three black snap apples

What does 3 apple snaps get you on moshi monsters?

With three snap apples you can get Mini Ben. Mini Ben = three black snap apples

What do you get for three black snap apples?

Moshi Monsters is a popular game that is enjoyed by children all over the world. If a person trades in three black snap apples, they will be rewarded with a Moshi code or in game currency.

How do you get chopchop?

To get ChopChop on Moshi Monsters: Look at the moshi plants and get three black flower ones.

How do you get bigben on Moshi Monsters?

You have to be a mosh member to get big ben. First you go to super seeds. and buy three snap apples. then go to your garden and plant them. The threee snap apples all have to be black.

Can a non member on moshi monsters get little ben?

No, you have to have snap apples which are for members only!! (also its called mini Ben NOT little Ben)

How do you get cheats for level three on Moshi Monsters?

There are no cheats for any of the levels on Moshi Monsters.

What does three crazy daisies attract on moshi monsters?

2 crazy daiseis 1 black moon orchard

How do you get snoocoms on moshi monsters?

Easy! Plant three star blossoms. If one of them is black, you'll get doris. If they are purple, yellow and black, you'll get oddie. Three in one!

What do 3 Crazy Daisys get on Moshi Monsters?

At this time there is no Moshling on Moshi Monsters that can be caught with three Crazy Daisy plants.

What do you get if you plant a black snap apple and a blue snap apple on moshi monsters?

you get nothing you have to have three different plants to get a moshling

What three flowers make dustbin beaver on moshi monsters?

he is on moshi mission 5

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