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Q: What is the code for the last level for electric man 2?
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Code for last level of ragdoll cannon remake?

Spider man

How do you get a sword in electric man 2?

beat a level

What is the last level on pac-man and mrspac-man?

The last level on pac-man & mrs.pac-man is level 256.If beat level 256 and continue on level 1 & over the ghost will not turn to a blue ghost.

How do you beat super chick sisters?

U go to the last level and then u hit KFC man. Try to avoid the claw. After that, u get the code. the code is Gopam

Who the boss on the last level of Spider Man Friend or foe?


How do you sniper assassin 2 ranson?

there is a glitch the man don't stop and it is impossible to do the level the next level code is "persuasion"

Does the Isle of Man have its own country code for mail?

The Isle of Man uses Internet top-level domain .im

When was Electric Man created?

Electric Man was created in 1993.

What are the 3 numbers of the code to enter super moshis HQ?

the answer is slt or if you don't believe me go and click on the man fishing then the man reading and last but not least the man listening to music and that will give you the code.

What is the last level in Medal of Honor European assault?

The last level takes place in the Ardennes Forest where you (William Holt) has to infiltrate Von Shrader's bunker and kill this man himself.

What was the last name of the man who was known as the black Edison by many in the electric industry?

His full name was Granville T. Woods.

What are the cheat codes for electric man 2?

in level 2 type 88 6 times then press ENTER then you can get unlimited health