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When you go to the shop press A(3 or 2 times then enter:B,C,B,C,C,A,B,A

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Q: What is the code for love potion v3?
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How do you use tamagotchi lovec honey v3?

find it on some other website but type in /tamagotchi v3 love potion shop code------VWait till your Tamagotchi turns adult stage,and then punch in this love potion shop code!. Go to the tamagotchi shop,press button A 4 times,and then punch in this code!LOVE POTION : B C B C C A B Ats free the first time!. :-) ENJOY! :-)

What is the password to get the love potion to make tamagotchis fall in love with another one?

The Cheat for v3 for the love potion is BCBCCABAHope it works Good Luck!

How do you get your tamagotchi to have a baby?

if you want your tamagotchi to have sex then you have to connect with another gender and then use the love potion and the code for the love potion is CCBA AABB

Is there a secret code for Love Potion on Moshi Monsters?

Love Potion on Moshi Monsters was part of a story that was shared in the Daily Growl in February of 2012. No information can be found that shows the Love Potion is an item in the Moshi Monsters game.

What is the codes for Beauty potion?

Bpw4562100.000 code for beauty potion code

When was The Love Potion created?

The Love Potion was created in 1903.

What is subsidy code Motorola v3?

If you want subsidy code for your Motorola V3 phone,I would suggest you to get it from at reasonable price.

What are the secrets codes for tamagotchi version4.5?

The code for the love potion is BBAAABCB. The code for the pen is BCAACBAB. The code for the steak is BABCBAAA. The code for the clone is CAACBBCB. The code for the honey is BBAAABCB.

What is the code on the Tamagotchi v3 manual?

the code is 444444 984512

Is a mermaid potion the same thing as a love potion?


How do you get rid of tamagotchi love potion?

The way you get rid of ur love potion is to simply wait for the two hearts to keep blinking. However, after that the love potion will be gone.

When was Love Potion - song - created?

Love Potion - song - was created on 2002-08-21.