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Q: What is the code for last level on super chick sisters?
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What is the super chick sisters code?

The code for Super Chick Sisters is "ronaldmcdonald."

What is the health code for super chick sisters?


What is the code for super chick sisters two?


What is the code to play as pamala Anderson is super chick sisters?


What is the code to unlock pammella in super chick sisters game?


What the code to peta super chick sisters?

GOPAM! is the code to play as pam.

How do you beat super chick sisters?

U go to the last level and then u hit KFC man. Try to avoid the claw. After that, u get the code. the code is Gopam

What is the code to play as Pam Anderson in the game super chick sisters?


What is the code for peta new super chick sisters?

For New Superchick Sisters, it is PamvsMcCruelty. For the original, it is gopam.

New Super Chick Sisters?

u fight kfc! here is the code for pam pamvsmccruelty

How do you kill the colonel in the last level of super chick sisters?

You have to jump up right next to the boiling thing and hit the kernel. You have to hit him four or five times and then he dies. If you play as Pam, (her code is GOPAM) then you will ber saving the chick sisters instead of Pamela.

What is the code for pamela on super chick sisters 2?

pamvsmccruelty for the second one. and for the first one its gopam