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The code for infinite money in Pokémon FireRed is 74000130 03F5820257BC 423F,74000130 03F5, 820257BE 000F. This code has been tested and verified.

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Q: What is the code for infinite money in FireRed?
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How do you get unlimited masterballs in pokemon firered?

You have to get a codebreaker and put in the master code. Then you have to find the code for infinite masterballs on the computer.

Where can you find code breaker codes for infinite money?

there is no specific code for infinite money for all games but check that is there site

Monster Rancher Advance 2 Infinite Money cheat code?

this is codebreaker Infinite Money 82002B48 E0FF 82002B4A 05F5

Is there a cheat code for infinite money on cod zombies?


Pokemon Emerald gameshark codes money?

Infinite Money Code: c051ccf6 975e8da1

What is the infinite money code gameshark for Pokemon emerald If there is one include the master code?

a0eace26bce6913 i thinkEdit by Kyogre286The code above doesn't work, here is the working code : D8bae4d94864dce5A86cdba519ba49b3A57e2edeA5aff3e41c7b3231B494738cC051ccf6975e8da1

What is the cheat code to get infinite money on Pokemon pearl?

Go to

What is the cheat to have inlimited money for Nintendogs ds?

Have an R4, use the cheat code "Infinite Money".

What is the cheat for infinity money on need for speed prostreet?

On PS2 There Isnt A Code For Infinite Money

What is the Pokemon Sapphire GameShark money code?

Here is the Gameshark Code: [Must Be ON] Pokémon Sapphire Infinite Money Code: E51E97C3 7858E4EB

Infinite money cheat for emerald in vba?

c051ccf6 975e8da1 (thiS code doesn't need a master code)

What are some cheat codes for clubpenguin like infinite money and will they bann you?

Here is a money code: DECNLR10