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3arc unlock no that it the code for dead Ops and five only

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Q: What is the code for free zombies maps on PS3?
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What cheats are there on Call of Duty Black Ops for ps3?

there are a lot of glitches add me i HOST mw2 challenge lobby ps3 free and i have zombies maps my PSN= CHiii_justAgame and i known a lot zombies hacks black ops

What is the 25 character code for Nuketown Zombies?

tell me a code for ps3 of nuketown zombies

Can you get costume maps on world at war zombies ps3?

Custom maps are only available for PC.

Can you cheat to unlock nazi zombies?

Not to get the DLC maps or for the Wii to get the PS3 and Xbox 360 maps

How do you get the Call of Duty World at War zombies maps in black ops for the PS3 for free?

You can not get the map packs for free and you can not get the World at War zombie maps except buying the special edition Black Ops games they are not even sold separately

Are the maps in Call Of Duty Black Ops Nazi zombies for Xbox 360 different than from PS3?


When is black ops zombies new maps coming out?

XBOX-Feb.1 PS3-Mar. 1

What are Call of Duty black ops cheats?

There are none for Wii but for ps3 and I don't know about xbox360 for ps3 for the basic maps on zombies its 3ARC UNLOCK.

Is there Nazi zombies on call of duty on ps2?

No the War at war final fronts does not have zombies and neither do the earlier games. The PS3 game is the one with zombies. 4 maps are available for WAW and 11 can be gotten with black ops for the PS3 game versions and DLCs for them

How do you get acsenion on cod zombies on PS3?

There is no PS3 game titled Call of Duty Zombies. It's a phone game. The PS3 game is Black Ops and you get additional maps on the PS3 for Black Ops by purchasing the 1of the 4 Black Ops map Packs from the Playstation Store at $15 each

Does anyone have a redeem codes that has not been used for the blackops WaW zombies maps for ps3 please?

You will soon be able to buy the maps with the Rezurrection Map Pack expected to be released for the PS3 on September 22 2011

What is the code for the resurgence maps on modern warfare 2 ps3?

The maps are sold at the PlayStation Store