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From what I know of, there isn't one.

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Q: What is the cheat for win 100 consecutive battles at the battle tower?
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Can you cheat to get 100 battles won at the battle tower inn Pokemon pearl?

I don't think so.

Who's the guy at the battle tower?

He is known as Tower Tycoon Palmer. In Single Battle Mode, if you complete 21 and 49 consecutive battles he will challenge you. He will ackowledge you as a firend of your rival and ask to battle. Defeating him gains additional BP.

How do you get to the battle area in Pokemon diamond?

You have to win 100 battles in the battle tower

Who to deffeat the battle tower?

beat a hondred battles in a row

How Long Does The Battle Tower Take?

it takes 7 battles

What is bp in Pokemon Diamond?

BP stands for Battle Points. You gain BP from winning battles at the Battle Tower. (The Battle Tower is in the Fight Area.)

What is the tower tycoon's Pokemon on Pokemon pearl in the Pokémon's battle tower?

21st consecutive Milotic Rhyperior Dragonite 49th consecutive Heatran Regigigas Cresselia

Is it possible to get five stars in Pokemon Ruby?

no well sortof you can only get 4no.1 is complete Pokemon leagueno.2 complete pokedexno.3 complete all contests on master rankno.4 complete battle tower 100 timesAnswerIt doesn't matter what order you do them in but the way you get five stars is: Beat the Pokemon league, complete the pokedex, get all 5 pictures in the 2nd floor in the gallery (by beating all contests on master rank), win 50 consecutive battle tower battles and win 100 consecutive battle tower battles. Hope that helps!!!

How do you battle Palmer in soul silver?

you need to beat 21 battles but i think you do a 100 streak i know he has milotic and rhyperior but the other one i forgot.

How many times do you have to win at the battle tower?

You have to win 100 consecutive times.

How long is battle tower battle in Pokemon platinum?

21 battles the last battle is barry (your rivals) dad

How do you deafeat the battle tower in Pokemon diamond?

Do A 100-Battle Streak.(or finish 100 battles in a row.