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Don't cheat and you won't need to ask these kinds of questions.

Earn some money by winning battles against other Trainers.

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Q: What is the cheat code of rich in Pokemon emerald version?
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What is a cheat code to get Celebi on Emerald Version of Pokemon?

34D56SA7 942DF947

How do you enter a cheat code for Pokemon emerald version Ive tried every thing?

You need a Game Shark is what I've heard.

Is there a cheat code to get all the Pokemon in Pokemon emerald?

yes but you have to catch one at a time

What is the gamecode for Pokemon Emerald on action replay?

You can get the code on google and type in Pokemon Emerald ation replay cheat codes.

Is there a cheat code you can use to find shiny Pokemon in Pokemon emerald and how do you type in the code?

yes and you have to have an action replay

Whats the anti DMA action replay code on Pokemon emerald?

its a cheap cheat its a cheap cheat

What is the no random battles cheat for Pokemon emerald vba?

The code is b505db41 6e39ea4e =)

Are you able to make a cheat on a gameshark and use the master code for Pokemon emerald?

Yes you can.

How do you steel Pokemon from a batrtle font on Pokemon emerald verision?

you have to use a cheat but no i dont know the cheat code look it up on youtube or somthing.

Vba cheats for 999 master ball cheat Pokemon emerald?

use the cheat code and buy them in the mart 958D8046A7151D708BB602F78CEB681A

How do you get around victory road on Pokemon emerald?

You cant. Only with a cheat code for action replay.

Must you use a cheat code to get Deoxys in Pokemon FireRed?

no trade it from emerald ruby or Sapphire