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Q: What is the cheat code for wool in Minecraft?
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What is the cheat code for a bow on Minecraft?

A link to the cheat codes can be found in related links.

Can you make a bed without using wool in minecraft?

No, you need wool.

Do piglets eat wool on Minecraft?

No, they do not.

How does the Xylem Cell reproduce?

wool in minecraft

How to hack Minecraft?

You have comands in minecraft to cheat and they are legal.

What is wool used for in Minecraft pe?

You can use wool for making beds and paintings. I'm not sure about the painting but I know you can make a bed in Minecraft PE

How do you use the fly cheatcode in minecraft?

There is no fly cheat code. When in Creative mode, you can double tap the jump button to fly.

What do you do with wool on minecraft pocket edition?

you can make beds and colored wool if you find other things

How do you make green wool in minecraft?

You have to put a cactus in a furnace and then apply the resulting dye to the wool.

How do you get wool in Minecraft?

Kill a sheep or get some sheers

What are uses for dye in minecraft?

For colouring wool blocks.

What are the world edit wool types in minecraft?

First, you have to find sheep with wool. Then, use your dyes to dye its wool to a certain color. Then, kill it or shave it to get the wool.