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There is none!

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what is the cheat code for edutyping

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Q: What is the cheat code for edutyping?
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What is the edutyping cheat code?

what is the cheat code for edutyping

Is there a way to cheat on edutyping classic?

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Where do you type the 501 code on edutyping to cheat?

I suspect that the "501 code" was made up by someone to encourage people to think that the edutyping software was easy to hack. There is no evidence of an actual 501 code, and the original answer that contained that had a lot of other gibberish that made it untrustworthy. If you want to trick the software, press pause between typing every letter. That will make the software think that you are much faster than you are... but of course you won't learn how to type more quickly, which I think is the whole point of using the software in the first place.

Can you skip a lesson on edutyping?


What is the firewall for edutyping?

501 apparently

What is the bunny i am learning cheat code?

Really funny ! The cheat code is : *********** that is why you never find the cheat code

How do you pause on edutyping?

there is no pause button =( they need to fix that

When do you type the triplet cheat code in on sims 2?

There is no triplet cheat code. The twins cheat code is "forcetwins".

What is the cheat code of red code 2?

dont cheat

What is the cheat code for ntsd 2.4?

The cheat code is "eternal".

What are the cheat codes to lunar days sim date?

Cheat Codes: Cheat code: iswearipaidforallofit Gives you max items and all the tools Cheat code: bartermaster Automatically unlocks Sky Cheat code: iwasntplanningtosleepanyway Gives infinite HP Cheat code: stealingistoomainstream Gives maximum relationship with Terrance Cheat code: wafflesdontyoumeancarrots Gives maximum relationship with Elias Cheat code: canihaspicturebook Gives maximum relationship with Sky Cheat code: gogoflowerpower Gives maximum relationship with Aiden Cheat code: hatersgonnahate Gives infinite HP, $5000, max items, all the tools Cheat code: letthecatoutofthebag Gives maximum relationship with Fidel Cheat code: ihaveathingfortwintails Gives maximum relationship with Raine Cheat code: gardeningisforsquares Automatically unlocks Raine Cheat code: ilikedveonbeforehewascool Gives maximum relationship with Veon Cheat code: effthepolice Automatically unlocks Veon Cheat code: workingovertime Automatically unlocks Clyde Cheat code: whereishistophat Gives maximum relationship with Clyde Cheat code: canipayinchange Gives $5000 Cheat code: simdatinglikeaboss All cheats combined

What are the cheat codes for vampires live?

This is no cheat code the only code is clan code