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the carrot on a stick is actually a carrot on a stick. It can be used to control the pigs to come to you, same a the normal carrot. You can use it to control which way your pig goes if you ride it in which you would need a saddle to get on it.

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Q: What is the carrot on the stick on minecraft?
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How do you craft carrot on a stick in minecraft?

A carrot on a stick can be crafted in your inventory like this: (Key: F=Fishing Rod C=Carrot O=Nothing)1st row: F O2nd row: O C

How do you make a carrot on a stick in minecraft?

well in the crafting table do this key: f= fishing rod c= carrot f c that's it

What do pigs like on minecraft?

Pigs like carrots. Pigs will follow you if you are holding a carrot on a stick.

What do you do with a carrot on a stick in Minecraft?

Carrot on sticks are used to control pigs you are riding. To ride a pig, get a saddle which you can find in dungeon chests, and right click a pig. Then right click the pig with your hand and you will hop on it. Hold your carrot on a stick to move it around.

For dieters is a carrot stick a carrot or a stick?

It is a tiny chopped up piece of carrot made to look like a stick. It helps well on diets.

What is Carrot and Stick Diplomacy?

The phrase ''carrot and the stick'' is used nowadays to characterize a foreign policy by which a nation is to be rewarded with a carrot or punished with a stick, depending on its future behavior.

When was Carrot or Stick - House - created?

Carrot or Stick - House - was created on 2011-01-24.

How do you make carrot seeds on minecraft?

You do not need carrot seeds to plant carrots. If you have just a carrot, you can plant that in hoed land.

How do you ride animals on minecraft?

You can ride pigs with saddles. Their movement can be controlled with a carrot on a stick

What new stuff is in minecraft 1.4?

Witches, bats, wither skeletons, the wither mob boss, heads, anvils, becons, carrots, potatoes, baked potatoes, golden carrot, carrot on a stick (leads a pig around when riding it), and pumpkin pie.

Is the carrot and stick theory a positive or negative means of motivating an employee?

Both. The carrot is a positive motivation, and the stick is a negative one.

How do you save a Minecraft saved game to a memory stick?

Move the world into the memory stick in .minecraft